About Us

Over 30 Years of Outfitting Experience

Midnight Sun Outfitting Ltd. is family owned and operated by Alan, Jessica and Logan Young. Alan Young has been guiding and outfitting for over 30 years, and has owned outfitting concessions in Southern and Northern B.C. and, now, the Yukon Territory.  Midnight Sun Outfitting has been operating for 17 years as of 2016. The Young family moved from Pink Mountain in Northern BC to the Yukon in 1998, however has been outfitting and guiding since the early 1980`s and has owned an outfitting area since 1984. We are passionate about hunting and our game, and living the lifestyle of an outfitting family. It would be an understatement to say that my family is obsessed with hunting and guiding.

Midnight Sun Outfitting is a first class hunting and wilderness tourism operation. Specializing in Dall sheep, Fannin sheep, Alaskan-Yukon moose, Mountain caribou and Barren Ground caribou hunts in the pristine Yukon Territory of Canada. In 2010 the Young family won the Frank Golata Outstanding Outfitter of the Year award for exceptional outfitting and conservation. Earlier in 2008 the Young family was awarded an Endowment Fund bronze for their contributions to wild sheep and their habitat via the Wild Sheep Foundation. With Alan’s old fashioned ways, hard working ethics, and determined demeanor  Midnight Sun Outfitting has been successful. Not only has the outfit itself been honored with awards, the game harvested is some of the biggest in the Yukon and North America. We have won countless Ram Awards at the Wild Sheep Foundation for a Dall/Fannin sheep. For many years we have been fortunate enough to harvest the largest moose, sheep and caribou in the entire Yukon Territory. We are proud to offer you a hunt of a lifetime and we welcome you to come experience the “True North”.

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