The following is a suggested list of what to pack on your upcoming hunting trip. Please be advised this may vary according to horseback, backpack or river trip, and the time of year.

  • One or two Medium size duffle bags, with max. 50lbs total gear, not including rifle
  • Daypack—recommended 45litre internal frame pack
  • Large Backpack—(for backpack hunts), recommended internal or exterior frame packs, comfort important and we recommend previous experience with pack
  • Sleeping bag—light, compact, at least 20F bag, with or without sleeping bag cover
  • Air Mattress or bed roll—recommended NeoAir etc., light and compactable
  • Hiking boots—worn in (requirement), waterproof recommended
  • Camp shoes—light, breathable, comfortable, compactable
  • Raingear—very important to have high quality, we recommend Sitka or Kuiu raingear. Pants and jacket with hood.
  • Gloves and hats—mittens recommended for glassing (personal preference) and later-season hunts (September and October hunts
  • Hiking shirts and pants—comfortable, easy dry, quiet materials. Layering–polyester, down, Marino wool etc. Late hunts should consider warmer layers. Camoflauge patterns are recommended but not mandatory. Comfort is key.
  • Long underwear
  • Socks—cotton and thicker warmer socks, hiking socks etc.
  • Camp clothing—light change of clothes for by campfire or evening.
  • Personal toiletries, medications etc.
  • Waterbottle, or water carrier/camelback etc.
  • Binoculars
  • Spotting scope and tripod
  • Camera, camera charger, extra batteries and/or Goal Zero solar panel chargers etc.
  • Knife or Havalon (as preferred) w/ blades. And/or Leatherman or multi-tool
  • Headlamp, charged. Lighter, insect repellent, duct tape, sunscreen (August hunts).
  • Small First Aid Kid, with foot care items and small wound items.
  • Sited rifle w/ ammo or bow/arrows and customs documents for same

Average Temperatures (in degrees Celcius)

Day Night
August +5C to +20C +5C to -15C
September -10C to +10C +5C to -15C

It is illegal to bring handguns into Canada. Any specific questions, please contact us. Thanks!