Todd Dievert’s double shovel caribou!


Our hunting area offers an abundant population of caribou! We are also lucky enough to offer both Mountain caribou and Barren Ground caribou throughout our area as well. The world famous ‘Porcupine caribou herd’ migrates across Northern Canada, travelling through our hunting concession in the late fall. This area thrives with caribou herds and we credit this to the abundant tundra vegetation (lichens and tundra grasses), painting a beautiful scenery.

Midnight Sun Outfitting (hunting concession #4)has been fortunate over the years to take award winning bulls, scoring as high as 400″ B&C. We hunt caribou mostly as ‘add on’ species–an additional trophy to your moose or sheep hunt. However we offer as well a specific caribou hunt. The Mountain and Barren Ground caribou hunts are offered as a horseback hunt throughout the hunting season. The caribou we harvest in the early season (till Aug 20th) are usually in velvet, making beautiful and majestic mounts. Trophy bulls are spread evenly throughout the concession in high numbers, so our clients can chose their trophy.