Midnight Sun Outfitting Ltd. is among the few that offer both Dall sheep and Fannin sheep hunts. The Fannin sheep are a sub-species of the Stone sheep and characterized by black hairs in the sheep’s coat, as well as a dark tint to horns. Fannin sheep qualify under the Boone and Crocket Records as a Stone sheep, therefore this area offers two species of sheep–rare and exciting.

Our sheep populations are highest in the Yukon Territory, accredited to this areas remoteness and landscape. Sheep hunts are done by horseback, backpack, riverboat or combination of these. We have 8 sheep camps which we rotate to manage our sheep populations.

Concession #4 has won numerous awards for the wildlife that are harvested, sheep in particular. Midnight Sun Outfitting won the “2nd Largest Sheep in the Yukon” @Yukon Outfitters convention in 2011. In 2009 at the Wild Sheep Foundation awarded Cass Gebbers Gold for his 172 5/8 B&C Dall ram taken, being the largest Dall ram taken in the world that year. Earlier in 2008, Midnight Sun won a “Silver Ram Award” at the Wild Sheep Foundation Convention in Reno, NV.

The Young family has donated their lives to the Wild Sheep Foundation and supporting it. Alan Young is a Director of WSF and an active donor/supporter during their annual “Sheep Show” in Reno, Nevada. Which Midnight Sun Outfitting attends every year for the past thirty years.